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MARCH 2016


Have the adventure of a lifetime this summer. Courses filling up fast – register today!

Spring is officially here, and with summer just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing to make it the best one ever! An Outward Bound Canada adventure is the perfect way to make the most of the sunny season and take a journey that may just change your life forever. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime – act now and secure your place on the outdoor experience of your dreams, before it’s too late.

Summer 2016 adventures include:

For Adults:
Rocky Mountain Life Compass   starts June 15th – book today!
Reach Beyond: Nahanni River
West Coast Mindfulness

For Youth:
Northern Ontario Passages – For Boys
Northern Ontario Adventure – Whitewater
Bay of Fundy Discovery
Vancouver Urban Expedition
Toronto Urban Expedition
Toronto Urban Discovery

and more! Check out our course finder to discover which of our many courses is the perfect fit.

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Reach Beyond Expeditions let you have the adventure you’ve always dreamed of while helping others do the same.

Our awe-inspiring Reach Beyond Expeditions take adventure seekers to once-in-a-lifetime destinations in the heart of breathtaking international landscapes, providing the rare opportunity to realize your dreams and step out of your comfort zone alongside some of the most trusted and experienced leaders in global outdoor exploration. Check that dream trip off your bucket list while at the same time helping to bring life-changing charitable programs to those who need them most!

Nahanni River Realize every paddler’s dream by exploring this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mount Kilimanjaro 2017 Journey to the top of Africa and experience a stunning landscape and culture unlike any other.

See updates from our Everest Base Camp expedition, happening right now, and view photos from January’s Kilimanjaro expedition.


Check out our first ever television commercial and “Looking In” video series.

We’re thrilled to share with you (and the world!) Outward Bound Canada’s first ever TV ad! We think this ad captures so many aspects of the OBC experience in just 30 seconds, but most importantly those moments that make it all worth it. Thanks to Grip Limited and Shaw Communications for making this possible, we can’t wait for even more people across Canada to get to know us and to have an unforgettable OBC experience of their very own! #‎GetOutLookIn

We’re also proud to share “Looking In: Stories of Outward Bound Canada,” a series that explores the idea at the core of our TV ad: “why did I do this?” “Looking In” features individuals who have taken part in unforgettable OBC adventures, pushing themselves past their personal boundaries and coming out the other side with a better understanding of what they’re made of.


Take part in awesome outdoor events and raise funds for life-changing programs as well.

Challenge yourself physically and mentally, have a blast with other like-minded friends of Outward Bound Canada, and give back by fundraising for life-changing charitable programs – all at the same time. That’s right: Challenge Events are back for 2016! There is something for everyone, from the weekend warrior to the serious adventure racer – and, if you don’t see an event that appeals to you, you can take any event or challenge you choose and still support OBC using online fundraising tools! Push yourself and test your abilities while helping vulnerable individuals to reconnect, recover and rebuild their lives. If that weren’t enough, there’s a great selection of incentive prizes for our top fundraisers. What are you waiting for? Get started today!


Just in time for spring! Available until May 10 at an exclusive price only for Bounders’ Club members.

Get the warmth you need and the function you want from Icebreaker's merino wool collection. The first time you wear the Quantum Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie, you'll be amazed by its combination of lightweight, warmth, and softness. Wear it during a hike, ski touring, or running in cold weather, and you'll be struck by how well it breathes as you warm up. This special Bounders' Club branded hoodie is an item unlike any other, a mark of what you accomplished on your Outward Bound Canada adventure.

Regularly priced at $219.99, get yours for the exclusive Bounders price of just $99.99 + HST, shipping included! Available only until May 10 – limited quantities available, purchase today before they’re gone!

For alumni who haven’t yet done so, sign up to the Bounders’ Club today.


An alumnus of Outward Bound Canada’s impactful Veterans’ Program shares his story of adventure.

Zane took the first steps out of his comfort zone when he signed up for the Bay of Fundy Veterans’ Sea Kayaking program, despite being initially uneasy about the idea of travelling along the ocean’s waters. “It took a lot for me to apply,” says Zane. “I was not comfortable with water and focused on the fact this was something I had never done before, in the end I decided why not give it a try?” Zane is one of many men and women to benefit from the impact of participation in the Veterans’ Program, designed to help Canadian military veterans face the challenges they often encounter post-deployment, through inspiring journeys of healing and self-discovery in the supportive and restorative environment of the Canadian wilderness.

Here is an excerpt from Zane’s post on our Expedition Log blog:

“I remember capsizing in the cold Atlantic and it was my confidence in the staff on the trip that kept me centered and focused on the trip and the experience as a whole, not that I capsized. I remember watching and talking with a Master Warrant Officer as he realized he was not responsible for setting up the camp or making sure dinner was started. He was a participant just like me... We were there to have fun and if we as participants wanted to change the plan we could! This was a bit of an alien concept and a great lesson to learn as I was no longer a soldier with a mission to complete… The Outward Bound Canada Veterans’ Program gave me the confidence to look after myself as well as presented challenges that can be met and overcome even though new and unknown.”

Read Zane’s full post here and hear more from him in our Looking In: The Veterans’ Program video.


Brandon fundraised for impactful charitable programs while taking part in one of last year’s Challenge Events.

Brandon did double duty in early October of 2015 – he pushed himself by taking part in a challenging race across the Northern Ontario wilderness, and as part of the same event, led his team in raising an impressive $4,200 in support of Outward Bound Canada’s life-changing charitable programs for vulnerable individuals. “We were willing to push ourselves to the limit,” says Brandon, “for the desire to test ourselves, to feel ‘human’ again outdoors, and to escape, for a moment, this highly digital, urban world.” Brandon and his team Muck Dynasty took part in last year’s Wilderness Traverse, a 24-hour race through 150km of unforgettable Canadian Shield on foot, mountain bike and canoe.

Here’s why Brandon decided to take part in OBC’s Challenge Events:

“This kind of test, once attempted, has incredible psychological powers that can provide confidence and significant mental strength to any individual. It is pretty simple in my mind, “if you can accomplish a 24-hour adventure race, why can’t you achieve that promotion at work or why can’t you build your own company?” OBC’s charitable programs with at-risk youth, women of courage and veterans are fully aligned with this idea. To put people who have gone through significant challenges through outdoor experiences that test them, push them but then ultimately build them up again and create a sense of empowerment. Realizing this natural fit, my teammates and I, Muck Dynasty as we are called, decided to fundraise for OBC’s charitable programs.”

Congrats to Brandon and Muck Dynasty for being our top Challenge Events fundraisers of 2015! To read up on Brandon’s inspirational experience in full, visit the Outward Bound Canada blog.

To learn how you can participate in our Challenge Events in 2016, visit

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