Step out of your comfort zone, push personal boundaries, and test your physical limits – all while raising funds for Outward Bound Canada’s charitable programs.

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When you take part in one of these events, not only will you experience an incredible sense of accomplishment, you’ll also feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve made a difference in the lives of female survivors of violence, youth-at-risk, and veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder – by helping to send them on life-changing Outward Bound Canada programs that will have a lasting positive influence on their well-being and sense of self.

AND… as an added bonus, go the extra mile in your fundraising efforts and you’ll be eligible to earn some cool prizes!

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Interested in other events or a personal challenge of your very own? We've got you covered! Choose your own event and create a customized Outward Bound Canada Challenge. Whether it’s a run, swim, triathlon or some other activity, you can use your personal challenge to raise funds for Outward Bound Canada’s life-changing charitable programs using our online fundraising platform and tools.