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Nahanni Expedition Team – Edyta & Pierre

We are compelled by the mission of Outward Bound Canada to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world. Its philanthropic programs make a true difference. This year, we decided to make a fundraising effort for one of these programs: Women of Courage, that, since 1988, has helped over 1000 women to transform from being a victim of abuse to being a thriving survivor.

To do that, we challenge ourselves to canoe 240 km down the mighty Nahanni River in August.

This is the first time of OBC fundraising for Pierre, and the third time for Edyta, who previously, fundraised for this program close to $50K.

Our goal is $20,000 and we are confident that we can meet it.

For more information on Reach Beyond expeditions please contact Angus Murray via email or by phone at 1-888-688-9273 ext. 229.