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Nahanni Expedition Team – Tim & Sam

On August 4, father and son duo, Tim and Sam will be paddling 240 km of the mighty Nahanni River in Canada’s Northwest Territories on a 10 day expedition with Outward Bound Canada. Their team will be led by three experienced guides, two to a canoe, as they paddle and portage their way down the Nahanni from Virginia Falls through the Painted Canyon, the Third Canyon, Second Canyon, Deadman Valley, First Canyon, Lafferty’s Riffle and out into “The Splits” where the river widens out and will finally pull out at Nahanni Butte.

Tim has paddled stretches of several rivers over the last 40 years, the Tana River in Kenya, the Mano River in Liberia, the Nechako River in B.C., and the Yukon River. He has always wanted to paddle the Nahanni and this is a unique opportunity to do it. He is excited to do this trip with Sam, who shares his passion for the outdoors, adventure and taking photos.

Tim and Sam have gone on many adventures together over the years, from mountain biking in the bone dry Atacama Desert to hacking their way through thick and lush Venezuelan rainforest, but they’ve never been so fortunate as to spend 10 days together in a tent and canoe. They are excited but in awe that they get to paddle in such a remote and beautiful place together. They are looking forward to seeing who is first to drop their camera in the water, but failing that there will be a competition to see who can capture the best bird photo.

In addition to the challenge of this marvellous trip, the two are supporting Outward Bound’s life-transforming funded programs for vulnerable youth, women survivors of violence and veterans struggling with post – traumatic stress disorder. Outward Bound’s wilderness expeditions and urban programs help people recovering from trauma or facing a major life transition to develop the resiliency, confidence and inner strength they need to move forward in their lives.

For more information on Reach Beyond expeditions please contact Angus Murray via email or by phone at 1-888-688-9273 ext. 229.