OBC teams with WinSport for multi-day programs

Outward Bound Canada is excited to announce a collaboration with WinSport to provide multi-day, overnight, outdoor camps to Calgary and area families.

WinSport’s award-winning summer camps at Canada Olympic Park offer opportunities for kids aged four to 16. The new camp, which will build outdoor skills and inspire the sense of adventure in a five-day journey into Kananaskis Country, is open to kids aged 12 to 14.

“We are already known for developing the best camps on ice, on bikes and in the great outdoors. This is a further extension of that,” says Jennifer Konopaki, WinSport’s Director of Sport Leadership. “We are excited to work with Outward Bound Canada, who are the experts and leaders in the area of multi-day, outdoor camps in a nature environment. This collaboration will ensure that we continue to provide best-in-class camps.”


For more than two decades, WinSport has used sport and adventure to help children push their limits, while instilling valuable life skills.

Outward Bound Canada has been running programs in Canada for youth and adults since 1969. Its mission is to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world.

The alliance with WinSport helps OBC to further its mission by collaborating and sharing collective knowledge and expertise, and allows OBC to offer adventures to younger participants in Alberta, setting them off on a journey of self-discovery, and encouraging them to develop a stronger connection to self, others and the natural world.

“Outward Bound Canada is thrilled to join forces with WinSport in an effort to increase opportunities for young people to experience the outdoors and tap in to their true potential and capabilities,” says Sarah Wiley, Executive Director, Outward Bound Canada. “With these new programs, we are able to expand our programming in Alberta, providing new and exciting ways for young Canadians to be introduced to the numerous benefits of time spent outdoors.”


Nearly 6,000 kids participate each summer in WinSport’s camps, which offer the best learning environment in the city. These camps include hockey, ringette, mountain biking and sport adventure opportunities, including several girls-only options.

The WinSport Outward Bound Kananaskis Expedition Camp is designed for students without prior experience hiking or in the mountains. The course will teach safe and effective trail navigation, how to pack your backpack, cooking and meal prep, minimal-impact camping, wilderness travel skills and compass work, and self-care.