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Getting Back to Nature!

We’re excited to get back into nature and offer a number of courses for individual registration this summer, starting in August. We’ve been testing out our new COVID-19 health protocols to ensure we can provide challenging and safe experiences for our participants.

Other than our new Hike and Canoe Toronto day camp for youth aged 12-15, the courses below are currently limited to participants 18+ due to provincial guidelines restricting overnight programs. With an emphasis on building confidence, resilience and interpersonal skills, these courses are a great opportunity for youth looking for an exciting outdoor adventure before resuming their studies/work, or for those choosing to take a gap year. Please note that at this time, you can only register for a course in your province of residence.

Thanks to our generous donors and partners, there is some funding allocated to each course from the Youth Access Fund to support those eligible for financial assistance.

British Columbia
Geared for youth 19-25, these two expeditions feature sea kayaking and camping along the beautiful waters of Vancouver Island.
West Coast 10-Day Sea Kayaking (August 18-27, 2020)
West Coast 10-Day Sea Kayaking (September 3-12, 2020)

Cost: $2,990 + Taxes and $100 Application Fee

Hosted in the Rocky Mountains, these two mindfulness courses enable participants to visit new places both physically and mentally. One course is for youth 18+ and the other is for adults 30+.
Rocky Mountain 10-Day Mindfulness 18+ (September 8-17, 2020)
Rocky Mountain 10-Day Mindfulness 30+ (September 8-17, 2020)

Cost: $2,990 + Taxes and $100 Application Fee

Hike and Canoe Toronto
Our new Hike and Canoe Toronto course is two-week (Monday to Friday) day camp program for youth 12-15 and provides an exciting opportunity to explore Toronto’s beautiful trails and waterways.
Hike and Canoe 10-Day Program (August 10-21, 2020)
Hike and Canoe 10-Day Program (August 24-September 4, 2020)

Cost: $749 + Taxes and $100 Application Fee

Northern Ontario Canoeing Expeditions
Geared for youth 18-25, these expeditions feature the classical craft of flatwater paddling in Northern Ontario.
Northern Ontario 10-Day Canoeing (August 28-September 6, 2020)
Northern Ontario 10-Day Canoeing (September 23-October 2, 2020)

Cost: $2,990 + Taxes and $100 Application Fee