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Our Response to COVID-19

As information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, Outward Bound Canada’s guidelines and field protocols must be sufficiently robust and nimble to ensure the wellbeing of our participants and staff. Given the ongoing flux of the situation and the variability of environments in which we operate, a basic understanding of viral transmission for all participants and staff is essential to ensure all members of our team can make independent and appropriate judgment calls while adhering to organizational, provincial and federal guidelines. OBC’s protocols reflect current (and evolving) evidence, provincial/federal regulations and the variable easing of restrictions across all regions of operation. Given how much remains unknown, a commitment to always erring on the side of caution is prudent.

Outward Bound Canada is committed to mitigating the risks involved with our expeditions, and to minimizing the spread of infectious illness among our participants and staff. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is new for all of us, and cannot be eliminated completely. We work to carry out regular prevention measures and practice physical distancing and proper handwashing throughout the course. Click here to read our Information on Infectious Illness.

We are aware that many insurance policies are not currently covering COVID-19 related claims. The pandemic has led us to offer more flexibility in our policy when it comes to these circumstances. If any Federal, Provincial or Municipal travel restrictions in the area where our courses operate will prevent you from attending your registered course, we will offer you to move your paid course fees to another program or provide a full refund. If you or a member of your household become ill with or are exposed to COVID-19 leading up to your course, please connect with us as soon as possible to make arrangements regarding your course registration – we will do our best to accommodate you or transfer any course fees to a future program. Click here to read the full details of our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

In the midst of so much uncertainty, Outward Bound Canada remains grateful for our students, alumni, staff and supporters, who continue to embody our mission of cultivating resilience, leadership, connections and compassion, especially in an ever-changing world.

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