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Outward Bound Canada’s Travel Policy

Updated January 2021

Due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Outward Bound Canada’s travel policy will be evolving and subject to change to adhere to the requirements of Federal, Provincial and local health authorities in the regions in which our courses take place. When considering registration for your course, please take note of the following guidelines: 

  • Outward Bound Canada (OBC) will be following the recommendations of all federal, provincial and local health authorities in the running of our courses, which throughout the year, is subject change. Decisions will be made on course parameters at all times leading up to the course and course details/logistics may be subject to change based on these changes. 
  • Registrants who reside outside of Canada will only be permitted to participate if they complete the required quarantine and testing requirements upon entry, as set out by federal government requirements before their course begins. OBC is unable to provide accommodations or resources for this requirement. 
  • Registrants are encouraged to travel by car (pick-up/drop-off) to and from their courses, whenever possible. If travelling by bus, train, air or other forms of public transit, please abide by the protocols as instructed by your transportation provider.
  • Registrants are permitted to sign up for a course outside of their home province in anticipation for programs, please know that any travel arrangements are booked at your own risk. Should the federal, provincial and local travel requirements change before the time of your course or during your course, Outward Bound Canada will allow you to make a one-time transfer to a course in your home province and will waive the transfer fee between courses.
  • For 14 days prior to your course start, please limit your exposure to others as much as possible and avoid high-risk areas and crowded group gatherings. Upon arrival, participants will be screened for COVID-19 according to public health requirements. Those who do not pass this screening will be asked to leave the program and will need to make arrangements to travel home. During the program, any participants with the onset of symptoms will be screened accordingly and may be isolated or asked to leave the program early. 

The overall wellbeing of our community is our priority and we expect that all of our participants and staff take a shared responsibility in minimizing the risk of becoming infected and infecting others. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to navigate these uncertain times and provide a life-changing Outward Bound experience.