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Shaping the future of Canada’s Outdoor Sector

The Outward Bound Training Academy for Outdoor Professionals will provide cutting-edge, practical and relevant training to a new generation of outdoor leaders in Canada. The teachings will round out instructors’ skill sets and prepare individuals for their future work, whether in the outdoor sector or beyond and be broadly centred around 4 themes:


Resilience Social and Emotional Intelligence Environmental Leadership Technical Knowledge and Skills


New graduates will be prepared to guide others through physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and help others build tools and strategies to address their own needs and overall growth.


Trauma-Informed Care

Instructor trainees will learn how trauma can affect students and influence their interactions and behaviour, informing how they approach and empathize with students. Different trauma theories and models will be outlined along with practical tools to build self-awareness, such as mindfulness practices.

Healthy Relationships

This module will begin by defining and responding to unhealthy and abusive relationships, understanding privilege and power, and learning how to resolve difficult conversations, disagreements, and conflicts. Instructor trainees will learn how to guide others to build positive relationships through respectful and empathic communication, understanding how different personalities shape interactions and building trust. 

Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

JEDI will evaluate policy, infrastructure, and curriculum within organizations and Canada’s history of systemic oppression. Instructor Trainees will acknowledge, identify and reflect on unconscious bias, microaggressions and their impact on marginalized identities and practice tools to address them. 

Indigenous perspectives

This workshop will be customized to each region based on the local nations and communities who have a relationship with the land. Instructor trainees will explore sacred reciprocity and reconciliation based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. They will also learn the information needed to create a culturally safe space and supportive relationships.

Mental Health First Aid

Trainees will build the confidence to address mental health situations early by recognizing mental health issues, risk factors and their signs and symptoms. They will also gain the tools to respond to critical situations such as a panic attacks, suicidal behaviour, psychotic episodes or an acute stress reaction. A vital component of the Training Academy is applying the learnings in an outdoor or wilderness setting through experiential scenarios.

Environmental Leadership

Instructor trainees have the best ‘office’ in the world in natural outdoor spaces. This course focuses on understanding the land we work on – its history, gifts, strength, and fragility. Trainees will learn to introduce wonder and curiosity in their practice and create respect and responsibility for the natural world. The curriculum will also include how to teach others to transfer their experiences, attitudes and actions from their time in nature to their daily lives and communities.

Coaching Others for Success

Coaching others for success will focus on gaining tools to coach students through difficult moments, work with them 1:1 to increase motivation, and give them the agency to choose how they respond to situations. Trainees will also practice how to frame group scenarios and activities so that students can intentionally focus on their own learning and goals and create space to reflect and debrief post-experience. 

Technical Expertise

Technical skills will be region-dependent, but all instructor trainees will learn how to lead a group through different terrain, adapt to the weather, sea state, and current trends, manage risk and communicate in remote areas. Graduates will also leave the course with information about building a career in the outdoor sector.


The training will be three weeks long for those in the advanced level and six weeks for the introductory level. Click here to view the detailed schedule.

Ready to Apply?

To complete your application, you will be required to submit:

  • Intake forms (via online application)
  • Confidential Medical History Form (via online application)
  • Cover Letter / Letter of Interest (upload in PDF or Word format)
  • Resume & Trip Log (upload in PDF or Word format)
  • Proof of Covid-19 full vaccination (upload)
  • Relevant certifications (optional)
  • Reference Form (optional)

Please ensure all documents are ready before you proceed. The application process will take approximately 1 hour.

Not sure if it is for you?

We are actively recruiting instructor trainees from a diversity of backgrounds, including those whose communities have, in the past, had limited access to the outdoors. If this training sounds exciting to you, and you are motivated to work hard and give it your best, we want you! We especially encourage applications from those who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, and 2SLGBTQ+.

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The Outward Bound Canada Training Academy for Outdoor Professionals is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

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