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Outward Bound Canada’s programs are different from summer camps. With more than 35 Outward Bound schools around the world, our unique methodology is based on decades of experience, and our commitment to innovation and excellence in youth development is recognized worldwide.

From canoeing in Northern Ontario, backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, to sea kayaking in British Columbia, no matter what you are looking for, we have a course for you. Our youth courses begin at age 12 and include options for young adults who are 19-25+, and range from five to 32 days in length. You can gain a high school credit, and explore everything from mountains to ocean, rivers to forest. If you would like to learn more, below are a few different types of courses we offer. You can also use the Course Finder above to browse specific trips and dates. It’s time to step out, and look in.


Backpack-Icon-graphic 70% Increased resiliency
Compass-Icon-graphic 77% Increased leadership
Fire-Icon-graphic 70% Increased compassion
Tent-Icon-graphic 90% Want to do another Outward Bound course


Our summer options feature our courses available from May to August. Some courses are focused on youth under 18, while others are geared for those 19-25+. We offer a variety of activities and locations, such as sea kayaking on Vancouver Island, hiking through the Rocky Mountains, or canoeing through Northern Ontario. We also provide a number of different course lengths, ranging from 5 days to 32.

March break COURSES

Our March break options feature winter activities such as sledding and snowshoeing, depending on the applicable weather conditions. The March break courses range between 5-7 days in duration.

High school credit

Did you know that you can earn a high school credit during your Outward Bound Canada adventure? Outward Bound Canada is an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected Independent School, and a provider of External Credits in British Columbia. We offer students 15-years-old or older the opportunity to earn high school credits upon successful completion of most Outward Bound Canada courses of 15 days or longer.

Financial Assistance

Outward Bound Canada’s Youth Access Fund was created so that all youth, regardless of their financial situation, can access our life-transforming programs and realize their full potential. The Youth Access Fund acts as a subsidy that goes towards the course fees for most of our courses. Check out the Youth Access Fund Webpage for more details: Youth Access Fund Check out the Youth Access Fund Webpage for more details.

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