$ 4,485
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+ Taxes
Age 16-19
  • Jul 28 - Aug 10
Duration 14 days
Location Temagami
Indigenous Territories Teme-Augama Anishnabai
Program Option Indigenous Programs
Courses / Ontario Wilderness 14-day Whitewater Canoeing

Ontario Wilderness 14-day Whitewater Canoeing

Are you an experienced paddler looking to challenge yourself as a leader and expand your paddling skills?

Traveling through a series of remote lakes to reach the Temagami River, you will further develop your paddling skills, and naturally progress towards white water paddling. This course will help you develop your leadership skills, build resilience, and learn about wilderness travel. By the time you arrive on the river, you will have formed a strong sense of community with your peers, and will be ready to demonstrate the teamwork necessary to have an unforgettable experience!

This course is eligible for a high school credit, PAD4O Grade 12 Healthy Active Living. If you choose to use the course toward a credit, the course work will be done through activities, group discussions and analysis, and daily journal reflections.

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Have the adventure of a lifetime and become the best version of yourself.