Age 16-19
Program Options High School Credit
Duration 17 days
Location Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick
Courses / Atlantic 17-Day for Indigenous Youth

Atlantic 17-Day for Indigenous Youth

Explore the Bay of Fundy area by kayak and on foot while learning how to work effectively with a group, how to feel empowered in your interactions with others, and how to be a fair and powerful leader.


Outward Bound Canada courses are designed to help you discover something new about yourself.  Everyone takes away something inspiring and personal – whether it’s noticing a new talent or skill, finding a great friend, realizing your own strengths, or making peace with something you have been struggling with. In addition, our courses will give you leadership training and the confidence to achieve even more in your life at home. You will learn how to effectively work with a group, how to feel empowered in your interactions with others, how to be a fair and powerful leader, and how to approach uncertain or intense situations responsibly – whether the circumstances are physically, mentally, or emotionally difficult. We will build your resiliency, and you will return ready to take on whatever awaits you in your life – no matter how daunting it may have seemed before your course!


Your journey begins when you meet your group at the airport in Saint John, New Brunswick before heading toward the coast for your stay in Fundy National Park, the traditional territory of the Wabanaki Confederacy and Mi’kmaq. As a mixed sea-kayaking and hiking adventure, you will have the opportunity to experience this world-renowned location from land and sea.  As you embark on your journey, you will make your way through the famous Bay of Fundy where you will live by the tides. The last portion of your trip will be spent hiking the Fundy Footpath, a rugged 41-km trail that hugs the shoreline.

No prior camping, hiking or kayaking experience is needed. You will become competent sea kayakers and backpackers, learning many valuable wilderness skills along the way, including minimal impact camping, map and compass navigation, knots, emergency procedures for ocean travel and how to cook over a campfire. If you choose to complete high school credit, your course work will be done through these activities, group discussions and analysis, and daily journal reflections. This journey also includes a solo experience where you will prove your skills while being supervised (from a distance!) by our experienced instructional team. Often described as the most transformative part of the experience, your solo will give you the chance to reflect on earlier conversations from the expedition, absorb important realizations about yourself, and leave behind anything that will no longer serve you going forward.

To learn how fit you need to be for an Outward Bound Canada course, click here.  To learn more about our high school credit click here. This course qualifies as a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze or Silver Adventurous Journey (including preliminary training, practice and qualifying journey) as well as the Gold Adventurous Journey, or Gold Project. For more info visit the Duke of Edinburgh website here.


Funding for Programs for Indigenous Youth and Adult are offered thanks to the generous support of individual donors, corporations and a number of dedicated foundations, providing sustainable, long term funding for the growth of programming for Indigenous participants at Outward Bound Canada.



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