Age 12-29
Duration 4-5 days
Location Minden Ontario
Options Custom Group

Ontario Facility Based Programs

At Outward Bound Canada, we believe that every student has untapped potential. Our school and group programs are designed to help youth discover that potential by harnessing the power of nature.

Through fun and innovative adventure-based learning methodologies, we empower youth not only to discover their true potential, but also to become more resilient, build a strong sense of community, and develop environmental stewardship.

Customized, hassle-free field trips for schools and groups

As educators, we know how difficult it can be to organize field trips. Leverage our proven expertise to make it easier for you to provide your students with an unforgettable immersive outdoor experience.

From careful planning to logistical details like transportation and meals, we take care of every step of the field trip so your students can enjoy our life-changing programs without any added stress for you.

Northern Ontario Canoeing graphic
people walking through the winter forest
hikers trek through snowy forest