Age 19+
  • Jun 19 - Jun 27
Duration 8 days
Location Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada
Options Fundraising Expedition
Courses / Haida Gwaii Sea Kayaking Reach Beyond – 2022 Expedition

Haida Gwaii Sea Kayaking Reach Beyond – 2022 Expedition

Navigate the sovereign territory of Haida Gwaii by sea kayak, exploring the waterways and islands of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.

A vast wilderness of magnificent old growth rainforests and abundant wildlife, Haida Gwaii, which translates to the Islands of the Haida People, is one of the richest biological and cultural regions of North America and has been cared for by the Haida Nation for time immemorial. There are a mix of wild beaches, some rock-strewn, others sandy and dotted with sand dunes and lush marshes providing ideal nesting for waterfowl. Overall towers the silent rain forest, providing a protective canopy which allows the abundant flora and fauna to thrive.

Explore the natural wonders of this world famous destination while experiencing the benefits of a true Outward Bound experience which includes the opportunity for individual reflection, personal development and challenge, group interaction and bonding, and skill acquisition.

*As this is a fundraising expedition, the expectation is that all participants will make a donation to support OBC’s charitable programs.

Is this course right for me?
You are looking for that extra challenge in your life, something that lights a fire inside you, that spurs you on and inspires you. You enjoy meeting new people, trying new things and discovering new places. You are not afraid of a little hard work and are willing to lend a hand to get the job done.

lakeshore forest
haida gwaii cove
haida gwaii coastline
sandy coastline from above

Have the adventure of a lifetime and become the best version of yourself.