$ 2,990
+ Taxes and $100 Application Fee
Age 18-25
Program Options Financial Assistance
Duration 10 days
Location Northern Ontario
Courses / Northern Ontario 10-Day Canoeing Expedition (August)

Northern Ontario 10-Day Canoeing Expedition (August)

Geared for youth 18-25, this expedition features the classical craft of flatwater paddling in Northern Ontario. Discover how to make powerful choices that lead to success, how to overcome challenges, and how there’s more in you than you know. Do all this through learning how to backcountry navigate, cook and travel. This is a great opportunity for youth looking for an exciting outdoor adventure before resuming their studies/work, or for those choosing to take a Gap Year.

Note: This course is restricted to Ontario residents only.


Outward Bound Canada’s 10-day courses are designed to help you take charge of your life and realize what you are capable of.  Each experience begins with a physical journey – stepping out of the comforts of day-to-day routines and into an environment that may be very new, adventurous and exciting, but also foreign and uncertain. Facing these changes helps to bring out new perspectives. Using the challenges of the course as a starting-point, our skilled instructors will teach you how to transfer the skills learned on course to your life at home. These important life skills include caring for yourself, taking responsibility for your choices, expressing your needs and opinions with confidence, and working with others in your life at home.


Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization. Our goal is to increase the ability of Canadian residents to access Outward Bound Canada’s impactful programs. In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers funding designed to assist participants and their families with financial barriers to participation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fund Your Adventure page.

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