Age 20+
  • Sep 11 - Sep 18
Duration 8 days
Location French River
Options Women Survivors of Abuse
Courses / Northern Ontario Indigenous Women of Courage – Flatwater Canoeing

Northern Ontario Indigenous Women of Courage – Flatwater Canoeing

Outward Bound Canada’s Women of Courage program is a wilderness expedition for women who have been on a healing path that follows a self-acknowledged experience of abuse. The programs are made up of a group of up to eight women, accompanied by two female instructors. You will work together to explore and navigate the beautiful landscape surrounding you, connecting with the land, with fellow Women of Courage, and with yourself.


Participants with a wide range of physical and mental fitness have successfully completed an Outward Bound Canada course. Our programs are designed for the reasonably fit, regularly active individual with a stable mental fitness and strategies to overcome challenges. It is important to know that the better shape you’re in, the more comfortable you will be on expedition. Our courses are physically demanding and a certain amount of preparation will ensure that you are overall comfortable on the course.

Group of people on a beach
Group of people around a fire at sunset
Silhouettes of line of people on shore of a lake

Have the adventure of a lifetime and become the best version of yourself.