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Age 15-16
Duration 17 days
Location Canadian Rocky Mountains
Courses / Rocky Mountain 17-Day Backpacking

Rocky Mountain 17-Day Backpacking

The word adventure is practically synonymous with the Canadian Rocky Mountains, so let this breathtaking natural landscape inspire you each day as you challenge yourself and learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. Travel the Rockies and take on new experiences that will leave a lasting imprint on your life.



Outward Bound Canada’s Adventure courses are inspiring experiences centered on overcoming significant challenges and teaching you how to achieve more than you ever thought possible.  The activities of our Adventure courses may seem daunting at first – hiking tens of kilometers and scaling high mountains can be intimidating!  But these tests also show you how to approach a large goal, break it down, and take responsibility for yourself and your group’s success along the way. Working as part of a larger team, you will learn the beginnings of leadership and compassion, helping you understand the ways you can influence and affect others so you can apply it in positive ways.  Finally, seeing yourself achieve something you didn’t think possible will also show you that there is more in you than you think – giving you the courage and resolve to take on even the most difficult obstacles long after returning home.


Your journey begins when you and your group are picked up from the airport in Calgary, Alberta.  From there you will be shuttled to Canmore, where you will prepare for the upcoming expedition before heading deep into the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Being surrounded by these rugged mountains, glacier-carved valleys, mountain lakes, and alpine meadows helps to put life in perspective and consistently proves to be an inspiring place of reflection.

Designed for students without prior experience hiking or in the mountains, this course will teach safe and effective mountain travel, how to pack your backpack, cooking and meal prep, minimal-impact camping, navigation and compass work, route-finding skills, how to assess and avoid hazards and how to move across scree and snow-slopes. Course work for your high school credit will be done through these activities, group discussions and analysis, and daily journal reflections. This journey also includes a solo experience where you will prove your skills while being supervised (from a distance!) by our experienced instructional team.  Often described as the most transformative part of the experience, your solo will give you the chance to reflect on earlier conversations from the expedition, absorb important realizations about yourself, and leave behind anything that will no longer serve you going forward.

To learn how fit you need to be for an Outward Bound Canada course, click here. To learn more about our high school credit click here. This course qualifies as a Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze, Silver or Gold Qualifying Journey. For more info visit the Duke of Ed website here.


Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization. Our goal is to increase the ability of Canadian residents to access Outward Bound Canada’s impactful programs. In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers funding designed to assist participants and their families with financial barriers to participation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fund Your Adventure page.

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