$ 2,990
+ Taxes and $100 Application Fee
Age 18+
Program Options Financial Assistance
Duration 10 days
Location Canadian Rocky Mountains, AB
Courses / Rocky Mountain Mindfulness for 18+

Rocky Mountain Mindfulness for 18+

The last few months have been challenging. School closures, online classes, social distancing, travel restrictions, and processing the COVID-19 news has been exhausting. Uncertainty has brought about feelings of fear and anxiety at a time when we have also been isolated. Being truly connected and focused is difficult at times. 


Canadian Rocky Mountains-  The course starts nestled in the magnificent Bow Valley where you will meet your group and prepare for the expedition ahead.  After being transported to a remote trailhead that accesses some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you and your group will begin your wilderness journey.  Navigating both on and off trail, and camping in wilderness settings offers challenges and rewards in a backpackers paradise.  The rugged peaks, beautiful lakes, rivers and subalpine meadows that make up your surroundings allow you to be very present in the moment and to connect, discover, and feel empowered.  

Backpacking- This Rocky Mountain course will teach the art of backpacking which includes wilderness travel, navigation, camp craft, minimal impact camping, and wilderness safety. To facilitate learning and growth, the course also includes the solo experience which gives participants time in a beautiful setting to regain focus, and to reflect without distractions.

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Mindfulness is the process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, but instead with curiosity, openness, and acceptance. An emerging body of research suggests that mindfulness boosts happiness, confidence, and self-esteem, and that it can be a powerful tool for emotion regulation and stress reduction.

Each day on this Outward Bound Mindfulness course your experience will be an opportunity to visit new places both physically and mentally. As a group you will travel by foot, empowering each other to reach new heights and gain new perspectives. Facilitated by skilled instructors, participants will learn wilderness backpacking skills, and travel through the alpine, at the same time as focusing on personal growth through mindfulness activities.   Watch a sunset, summit a peak, work through a group problem solving task all to better know yourself and your values.    

The solo, a cornerstone of the Outward Bound experiences, will provide opportunity for reflection on the expedition, and reflection on your life.  It is an uncommon chance to truly feel solitude, to look in, and to seek clarity.   

Join us in the Rocky Mountains for an unforgettable experience, and to realign with your values. 


Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization. Our goal is to increase the ability of Canadian residents to access Outward Bound Canada’s impactful programs. In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers funding designed to assist participants and their families with financial barriers to participation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fund Your Adventure page.

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