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Age 25+
Program Type Adult Course
Duration 8 days
Location Canadian Rocky Mountains, Kananaskis Country
Courses / Rocky Mountain Mindfulness for Adults

Rocky Mountain Mindfulness for Adults

Take a well-deserved opportunity to unplug from the stresses of everyday life and plug in to the healing power of the natural world. Challenge yourself, get the space you need to reflect and recharge, and learn techniques that will help you gain greater clarity – and do it all against the breathtaking backdrop of the great Canadian Rockies!

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Outward Bound Canada Mindfulness programs take traditional mindfulness practices and blend them with the classic elements of an Outward Bound course.  Mindfulness, an ancient tradition and the core practice of meditation, is simply the ability to be deeply present in the here and now. The Outward Bound experience of hiking through the mountains, taking on physical challenges and pushing you to do your best will give you a new perspective and allow you to see aspects of yourself that you may not have realized were there. It will reconnect you with your true self, giving you more confidence and motivation than ever before. The course is designed to help adults who are seeking greater clarity – perhaps in times of challenge and transition – who need space to reflect on their lives or who want to learn or deepen a meditation practice – or who simply want to walk their own path more deeply. This course will leave you more present, relaxed and aware of who you are and what unique gifts you have to offer the world – and help you feel ready to take on new paths or challenges at home.


Your journey will begin when you meet your group in picturesque downtown Canmore, Alberta. From there, you will be shuttled to Bell Cabin at the Canmore Alpine Club of Canada where you will spend the first three days preparing for the trip ahead.  Then, you will be taken deep into the Canadian Rockies, providing the opportunity for the group to hike into Kananaskis Country in the days to come. 

In addition to the personal journey that you will undergo, you will also learn techniques for travelling safely and effectively in the mountains, packing skills, trail cooking and meal prep, minimal-impact, navigation, map reading, compass work, route-finding skills, how to assess and avoid hazards, and how to move across scree and snow-slopes, as well as yoga technique and meditation. This course also includes a 24-hour solo experience where you will prove your skills while being supervised (from a distance!) by our experienced instructional team.  Often described as the most transformative part of the experience, your solo will give you the chance to reflect on earlier conversations from the week, absorb important realizations about yourself, and leave behind anything that will no longer serve you going forward.

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Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization. Our goal is to increase the ability of Canadian residents to access Outward Bound Canada’s impactful programs. In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers funding designed to assist participants and their families with financial barriers to participation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fund Your Adventure page.

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