Age 12-15
  • Jul 19 - Jul 30
  • Aug 23 - Sep 3
Duration 10 days
Location Rouge Valley
Program Options Financial Assistance
Courses / Hike, Climb and Canoe Rouge Valley Day Camp

Hike, Climb and Canoe Rouge Valley Day Camp

Go on an adventure through the greenspaces of Toronto’s Rouge Valley with a new group of peers. Over the course of two weeks we will explore the local trails and waterways to discover new parts of the city, make new friends, and build a cohesive team all while hiking, climbing and paddling.  Whether you are an outdoors person or are new to expeditions, this is your opportunity to seek out an adventure and reconnect with others in nature.

This program will start and end each day at the Glen Rouge Campground in the Rouge Valley. The program will run Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm. Students will then take a private bus to various locations throughout the Rouge Valley.

** Please note that due to COVID-19 protocols, you may only register for a course in your province of residence.

Two people with backpacks hiking on a path through the forest.
A group of youth balancing an egg in the middle of a circle and each holding a string
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Seven backpackers walking in a line on a grass path. Tall grass on each side.

Have the adventure of a lifetime and become the best version of yourself.