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Age 16-19
  • Jul 6 - Jul 12
Duration 7 days
Location Coast Mountains, BC
Indigenous Territories This territory is home to many diverse First Nations. To learn more visit Native-land.ca
Program Options Financial Assistance
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West Coast 7-Day Backpacking

Ready to grab a pack and hike through the stunning mountains of British Columbia?

Join us on this exciting backpacking expedition to develop your leadership, teamwork and outdoor skills. Your group will support each other as you travel up steep inclines and learn to live out of a backpack. With the help of your instructors, the skills you learn in the backcountry can help you in school or at home.


This course is rated level 1 in social-emotional challenge and level 2 in physical challenge. Click here to learn more about the levels of difficulty.

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Have the adventure of a lifetime and become the best version of yourself.