Age 20+
Program Type Women Survivors of Abuse
Duration 8 days
Location Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park
Indigenous Territories Inhabited Territory of the Kwakwaka'wakw
Courses / West Coast Women Of Courage – Ocean Canoeing

West Coast Women Of Courage – Ocean Canoeing

Learn the basics of ocean canoeing and work as a team to traverse this beautiful landscape. This is an incredible way to bond with other women, reconnect with yourself, and realize your own potential. You may be surprised at all you are capable of.

Women of Courage canoeing
Women of Courage horizon cloudy
Women of Courage tent setup
Women of Courage canoeing

Your Inner Journey

Designed to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment in which to thrive, Women of Courage courses can provide a catalyst for powerful growth and change. On this ocean canoeing course, you will work as a team to navigate this beautiful landscape while you bond with other women participants who have experienced violence and abuse.Paddling in these bright blue waters with the mountains in the distance is a reflective experience, where you will be able to leave the worries of home behind as you focus on the open water ahead of you and take in all that surrounds you. You will walk away from this experience realizing how far you have come, feeling more at peace and empowered and with the self-confidence and resilience to move forward from a place of strength and encouragement.


Your journey will begin when you meet your group in Comox, British Columbia. From there you will be transported to the coast of Vancouver Island where you will paddle within one of Canada’s most breath-taking landscapes.

An Outward Bound course is not a guided trip, it is an immersive experience led by you and your group.  In additional to the personal journey that you undergo, you will also learn the foundations of minimal impact camping, packing for canoe expeditions, mindfulness practices, ocean canoeing, portaging, navigation and orienteering. Your course also includes a solo experience, where you will put your new-found skills into practice under the supervision of our skilled instructional team.  Often described as the most transformative part of their experience, your solo also gives you the space to reflect on earlier conversations, absorb important realizations and let go of how we perceive ourselves – leaving you faced only with your true self, and coming to love and appreciate who you really are.

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