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Is This Course Right For Me?

Social-Emotional Challenge:

Level 1

This is a great course for anyone who is looking for a new experience and is interested in learning the basics of wilderness travel with a new group of peers. 

In this course, you will increase your confidence and build community with your group. We want you to feel comfortable being an active and positive member of a community and recognize healthy relationships. You will have an opportunity to learn and develop communication and leadership skills, all the while experiencing success in the outdoors. 

If you are a little unsure about spending a long time in the wilderness, this is a good fit for you. At times, you will be challenged mentally and emotionally, but your instructors will take it slow and make sure that you are well equipped to be comfortable in the outdoors to thrive. 

Level 2 

This is a great course for those looking to get out of their comfort zone, meet a new group of friends and advance their wilderness expedition and leadership skills, the Outward Bound way! Participants should be open and ready to learn skills and be challenged. 

This course is all about building your confidence, self-awareness, and developing leadership skills. You will be provided with the tools to solve conflicts, communicate openly and give honest and productive feedback. You will be empowered to become a leader within your community both on the course and back home. 

At times, you will need to demonstrate resilience and perseverance. Some days will be difficult and uncomfortable. But, you will not be alone! You will be surrounded by a supportive community and competent instructors that will encourage you along the way. 

Level 3 

This is an excellent course for individuals with experience in leadership and team-building skills, who are motivated to go above and beyond their comfort zone; those looking for an overall mental and physical challenge to expand their skillset and push their leadership skills to the next level.

During this course, you will build on your existing leadership and social-emotional skills and learn how to constructively navigate successes and challenges. You will refine your communication skills and develop creativity and innovation through collaborative problem-solving.

If you are ready for a challenging adventure, this one’s for you! You will be faced with technical terrain and some longer days where you have to work with others to successfully overcome challenges. You will have the opportunity to lead your peers and will need to demonstrate resourcefulness, empathy and compassion.

Physical Challenge

Level 1

Although all camping trips require a certain level of physical fitness, this course is well suited for participants with a less active lifestyle. The majority of your days will be spent travelling with your cohort. You should expect to be physically active and physically challenged every day, with plenty of opportunities to recharge. This type of course is for all activity types, however the more active you are in your daily life, the more comfortable you will be on course.

Level 2

This course is well suited for someone with a semi-active lifestyle. If you like to play sports casually, enjoy outdoor activities and can comfortably spend the better part of your days outdoors, this is a good option for you. This course will challenge you physically, and at times, you will need to dig deep, demonstrate resilience, and work with your cohort to persevere. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to rest and recharge. 

Level 3

This course is perfect if you play organized sports or have experience going on multi-day camping trips. Physical activity is a big part of your daily life. You thrive on being challenged, and you are not afraid to push yourself physically and enjoy an active lifestyle. No two days are the same when you are in the field, so although some days will be physically demanding, you will also have plenty of opportunities for rest and recovery.