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Calling all female-identifying teens ready to take on a challenging adventure! Join us on this exciting backpacking expedition to develop your leadership, teamwork and outdoor skills. Your group will support each other as you travel up steep inclines and learn to live out of a backpack. With the help of your instructors, the skills you […]
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Join your fellow 2SLGBTQ+ youth to explore the West Coast wilderness! This sea kayaking adventure will take you through ocean waves and along the shores of ancient rainforests. In the evenings, after a day full of adventure, you will debrief the day sitting around a campfire. Your talented and compassionate instructors will help create a […]
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Join fellow 2SLGBTQ+ youth to explore the epic Rocky Mountains! This backpacking adventure will take you alongside rivers, over mountain passes, through alpine meadows, and you may even see a rainbow or two along the way! After a long day full of activity, debrief with other 2SLGBTQ+ peers while sitting around a campfire under the […]
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Focus on your mental wellness and develop your self-confidence this summer! Join a group of fellow teens to kayak through Pacific Ocean waves while being guided by your instructors who serve are confident and supportive role models. *Please note that Outward Bound Canada now requires all staff and students to be fully vaccinated unless they […]
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