There’s nothing that helps a group grow more than shared trials and experiences. We learned that first hand and now our group is stronger as a result.

- Custom Wilderness Participant

Custom Wilderness

Something magical happens to a group when they are taken out of their usual environment and forced to deal with real-world challenges in the out-of-doors.  Leaving their typical comforts behind, people live through the experience feeling more alert and aware and ready to learn from their new surroundings without feeling restricted by how they usually tend to be.

The simplicity and natural balance of nature creates an environment where people can learn about themselves without the distractions of home – so that they really see themselves, and come to understand their full potential, often for the first time in their lives.

This is what Outward Bound Canada’s Wilderness Programs are all about.  Each program begins with the same objective: to provide quality experiential education programs that integrate Outward Bound’s well-developed methodology and educational philosophy with the values and objectives of our clients and partners. These programs are a vital way for educators and community organizations to support those they serve by helping them reconnect with themselves and develop increased self-confidence, resilience, motivation and compassion. Able to offer High School Credit options and address a wide range of needs and objectives, Outward Bound Canada develops Custom Wilderness Programs for:


  • High Schools & Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Community Agencies & Organizations
  • Canadian Military Veterans
  • Women Survivors of Violence and/or Abuse
  • Aboriginal Communities
  • New Canadians
  • Corporate and Staff Teams (Professional Development)
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Magnetic north pole reach beyond expedition
Magnetic north pole reach beyond expedition
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Outward Bound Canada is a non-profit, charitable organization and does receive funding that can be used to support groups in need, especially At-Risk-Youth, Aboriginal Communities, New Canadians, Women Survivors of Violence and Canadian Military Veterans.  If you think that your group may qualify for funding, please indicate your groups’ needs in the information provided to us.



Outward Bound Canada would be happy to discuss it with you.  We require a minimum group size of 8 or more participants to get started.  Otherwise, please submit the information below and we will follow up with you within one week to discuss your program further.

For more information on our group programs, please contact us at

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