While the weather on our outward bound professional development experience may have been miserable, the guides, the experience, the surroundings and the camaraderie were spectacular. It helped us as a management team, as a company, and as individuals. It was an incredible physical and emotional experience and it has stuck with me for years.


Professional Development

There are a lot of Professional Development opportunities in the marketplace. Companies, organizations, school boards and institutions that choose Outward Bound Canada are typically looking for something different. They want more than team building. They want to improve communication but are also looking to open up deeper conversations and relate to one another from a place of compassion and understanding. They want to give their teams an adventure, whether a one-day High Ropes course or a one-week whitewater canoe trip.

Finally, they want their employees to understand their true potential, and for their workforce to feel like they transfer the newfound motivation, confidence and positivity that comes with such a realization, to their work.

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In short, Outward Bound Canada provides powerful and fun learning opportunities. We work with you to custom design a Program based on your specific goals and objectives that helps to enhance leadership, develop a high-performing team, create a climate conducive to innovation, and reinforce ongoing learning initiatives.

As every organization has its own culture, needs, and training objectives, our services can be offered using a variety of exciting and engaging learning tools in a multitude of venues and environments.

To create a program that works for you and your organization, please contact our Groups Program Manager at groups@www.outwardbound.ca.


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