FAQ / Risk Management Questions FAQ

We take a conservative approach to wildfire risk. The well-being of our participants is foremost in our planning. We will move a group to an alternate area if the risk is deemed too high. If a course is in a fire or smoke risk location, we will inform the parents/guardians of the course participants directly. If no suitable alternative area is available, we may cancel or reschedule the program. 

On our Risk Management page, you will find more information about what we monitor on a daily basis to mitigate the risk of wildfires and wildfire smoke on our courses.

We monitor the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) throughout the duration of the program. Since 2023, our instructors have been carrying portable devices to measure air quality in areas at risk from wildfires and smoke. If the AQHI is forecast to be at 10 or more (very high risk) for three consecutive days, we will consider canceling or rescheduling the program.

We recommend potential participants with pre-existing lung conditions (e.g. asthma, cardiovascular conditions, or lung damage from COVID-19) to speak to their doctor about attending the course.

Each group traveling in the backcountry has two means of communication: a satellite phone and an In Reach device (2-way satellite texting and tracking device).

These devices allow us to track the exact location of each program and communicate important updates to them. The instructors check in with our in-town support staff at least twice a day using these systems.

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