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​Outward Bound Canada (OBC) is a registered charity that has provided transformative outdoor experiences for more than 175,000 participants since 1969. We believe there is an urgent need for programs that connect youth with the natural environment and positively impact their physical, social and emotional development. However, outdoor education programs that are proven to promote healthy personal development in youth are increasingly out of reach for many young people, especially those from marginalized and underserved communities.

The importance of outdoor education is critical to building resilience, self-confidence, social competence and compassion, and environmental stewardship – all of which contribute to higher graduation rates, greater career success, and positive mental health and well-being for youth.

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But for many young people, especially those from racialized and Indigenous communities, there are significant financial and social barriers.

This lack of access creates an unequal playing field and prevents young people from acquiring the essential skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce, become responsible environmental stewards and contribute meaningfully to society.

OBC is committed to bridging this gap. With your donation we can:

  • Provide financial assistance to ensure that all young people, regardless of background, have the opportunity to participate in our programs.
  • Develop innovative programs that address the specific needs and challenges of youth who are underserved with outdoor education opportunities.
  • Be a vocal champion and leading provider of social, emotional, and environmental outdoor learning experiences for youth underserved with outdoor education opportunities.

By supporting Outward Bound Canada, you’re investing in the future of our youth and creating a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

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Ways you can give back


Our SROI Report, a study by Bain & Company, shows that every dollar donated to Outward Bound returns at least $13 in value to society. That’s a huge change you can amplify by donating!

Learn more about how to donate and where your tax-deductible donation will go.

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Get involved

There are other ways to support youth in addition to donating! 

You can volunteer with us, participate in our campaigns, help spread the word about OBC and share your experience with us so that even more people can get to know about the life-changing power of our programs.

Check out all the ways you can get involved with Outward Bound Canada.

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