Empowering Youth

Outward Bound Canada offers a variety of outdoor adventure courses for youth, providing an inclusive and supportive environment for participants from diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. Individuals who are respectful, willing to interact positively with their peers and follow instructions are eligible to apply for any of our youth courses. The Outward Bound experience removes participants from their everyday environment and immerses them in an exciting outdoor adventure where they must draw on their individual strengths and work on a team to strive for success.

Indigenous Youth & Adults

For more than 25 years, Outward Bound Canada’s programs for Indigenous youth and adults have provided an opportunity for First Nation, Métis and Inuit participants to come together to experience Outward Bound. Through our Open-Enrolment Programs, Indigenous participants from diverse communities are given the opportunity to challenge themselves, share knowledge, and gain skills in a new environment. Through our Custom Group Programs, Outward Bound Canada collaborates with Indigenous communities and organizations to develop inspiring and valuable programs that combine the philosophy of Outward Bound and the goals of the communities involved.

Women of Courage

Outward Bound Canada’s Women of Courage Program offers inspiring journeys of adventure, challenge and healing in the Canadian wilderness for women who have experienced violence and/or abuse. This may include sexual, physical or emotional abuse perpetrated by any individual, and experienced at any time during a woman’s life. Led by our expert team of talented and compassionate female instructors, courses focus predominantly on increasing self-esteem and self-reliance, building supportive relationships with other women, enhancing body awareness and encouraging a sense of physical strength – serving as a catalyst for powerful growth and change. Since 1988, over 1000 women have experienced this transformative journey with Outward Bound Canada.


Outward Bound Canada’s Veterans’ Program is designed to help Canadian Armed Forces veterans face the challenges they often encounter post-deployment, through inspiring journeys of healing and self-discovery in the Canadian wilderness. Many military men and women struggle with lingering physical and mental impacts of their experiences, including depression, anxiety, isolation, family difficulties, and, in general, with the challenges that often accompany reintegration into civilian life.