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The wonderful thing about outdoor education is that often the test comes first and the lesson comes second.

- James, OBC Instructor



Outward Bound Canada offers transformative experiences that go beyond the traditional summer camp model. Our programs are designed for independent and academically motivated students who are interested in the outdoors. Unlike traditional summer camps, our focus is on developing a strong sense of self and community through active and authentic experiences that incorporate academics, celebrate diversity, and promote personal development.

Building self-confidence, resilience and environmental responsibility

We believe that developing self-esteem and confidence is paramount to a successful learning journey. Our programs go beyond the typical summer camp by encouraging participants to live, work and learn cooperatively. We create an environment where participants’ strengths and differences are valued and offer them the opportunity to challenge themselves and succeed.

Outward Bound Canada fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment. Our programs incorporate environmental awareness into the entire experience, from practicing no-trace camping on the expeditions to tackling global issues facing our planet. This hands-on approach empowers participants to become responsible environmental stewards.

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  • More can be learned by presenting problems rather than solutions or methods
  • A person grows by contributing to the community
  • Commitment to the achievement of goals is strengthened when individuals are empowered and self-managed
  • People work best when they share a common motivation and respect each other’s back grounds, perspectives and strengths
  • Growth requires a willingness to take conscious risks and face new challenges
  • Learning is heightened in environments which require people to take direct responsibility for themselves and others
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70% of students increased resiliency
67% of students increased leadership
60% of students increased compassion
9/10 students want to do another Outward Bound course