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Our Impact

Outward Bound Canada is committed to helping Canadian youth change the trajectory of their lives. With young people desiring to thrive in an unpredictable and changing world, OBC, a registered charity, offers social-emotional education through experiential adventures in the outdoors. Since 1969, OBC has inspired over 200,000 participants, with a particular emphasis on providing greater access to those facing socioeconomic barriers, to discover their potential. These experiences develop resilience, social competence, and environmental awareness to contribute to a better, more compassionate, and resilient society.

Backpack-Icon-graphic 70% Increased resiliency
Compass-Icon-graphic 77% Increased leadership
Fire-Icon-graphic 70% Increased compassion
Tent-Icon-graphic 90% Want to do another Outward Bound course

Strategic vision

We enable youth in Canada to get away from their daily lives, creating space in nature to engage in self-discovery and experiential learning. Expert instructors lead participants through novel, real-life experiences that require groups to collaboratively problem solve through challenge, failure, and success. Using nature as our classroom, we focus on three primary attributes: building resilience; developing social competence; and fostering environmental awareness. These require skills often missed in the traditional classroom, and essential for future success at school, work and in life. Click here to learn more.

Social Return on Investment

Outward Bound Canada leaves a lasting and measurable impact on participants’ lives in three key areas:
1. Improved sense of resiliency
– OBC is building a generation of physically and mentally healthy citizens
– Participants choose to improve their physical and mental health
2. Greater leadership skills and social connectedness
– OBC is teaching the skills needed to succeed at school, work and in life
– Participants become more confident, collaborative and respectful team members
3. Stronger connection with nature
– OBC is promoting greater levels of environmentalism
– Participants develop stronger life-long connections to the natural world

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Who We Serve

Outward Bound Canada offers a variety of outdoor adventure courses for youth, providing an inclusive and supportive environment for participants from diverse cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. Individuals who are willing to interact positively with their peers are eligible to apply for any of our youth courses. The Outward Bound experience removes participants from their everyday environment and immerses them in an exciting outdoor adventure where they must draw on their individual strengths and work on a team to strive for success. Click here to learn more.

How We Serve

Outward Bound Canada offers programs designed to meet the needs of students who are independent, interested in the outdoors and academically motivated. Our goal is to create a supportive community, which recognizes and values every student. The objective of the program is to build a strong sense of self and community through active and authentic experiences that foster academics, a celebration of diversity, and personal growth using an integrated adventure-oriented delivery. Click here to learn more.

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