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Transformative outdoor education programs that unleash the full potential of your students

At Outward Bound Canada, we believe that every student has untapped potential. Our school and group programs are designed to help youth discover that potential by harnessing the power of nature. Through fun and innovative adventure-based learning methodologies, we empower youth not only to discover their true potential, but also to become more resilient, build a strong sense of community, and develop environmental stewardship.

Customized, hassle-free field trips for schools and groups

As educators, we know how difficult it can be to organize field trips. Leverage our proven expertise to make it easier for you to provide your students with an unforgettable immersive outdoor experience. From careful planning to logistical details like transportation and meals, we take care of every step of the field trip so your class can enjoy our life-changing adventure field trips without any added stress for you.

Why choose an Outward Bound Canada program for your students?

In a world where screens dominate attention, today’s youth face unique challenges as they move into the future. While technology has undoubtedly opened doors, it has also disconnected young people from the natural world, leaving them lacking important social and emotional skills. Our outdoor education programs address this by going beyond the classroom to foster resilience, teamwork, and adaptability – qualities that are essential for success in higher education and the professional world.

  • Immersive, hands-on, experiential learning
  • Wide range of programs in urban, wilderness, and outdoor adventure education centers in all seasons
  • Custom or “off the shelf” options available 
  • A team ready to help with logistics, planning and execution (we also provide gear!)
  • Exceptional risk management 
  • High-quality, certified instructors 
  • Curriculum alignment 
Backpack-Icon-graphic 70% Increased resiliency
Compass-Icon-graphic 77% Increased leadership
Fire-Icon-graphic 70% Increased compassion
Tent-Icon-graphic 90% Want to do another Outward Bound course

OBC field trip outcomes

Our outdoor adventure education programs lead to outcomes in three main areas: Resilience, Environmental Leadership, and Social-Emotional Development. We’ve linked each of these outcomes to specific skills and learning objectives, as well as long-term impacts for students, because an Outward Bound Summer camp field trip is not just about the experience, but also about what participants take away from it.

  • Resilient students are independent, adaptable, and motivated.
  • Environmental stewards are leaders, service-oriented, and community-minded.
  • Social emotional intelligence is demonstrated by good relationship management, cooperative decision making and problem solving, and social awareness.

All OBC programs focus on teaching these skills. Even in a short period of time, students are exposed to themes related to these outcomes. The longer and more immersive the program, the greater the impact in these areas.

Accessible programs for young people 

Through a mix of full-pay, co-paid and fully funded programs, we seek to make our transformative outdoor education accessible to all schools and groups. Learn more about our financial assistance.

As an educator, you have the power to shape tomorrow’s leaders. Outward Bound Canada provides you with the tools and experiences to do just that.

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