I saw [my students] actually participate in a full day of school… Not complain about the cold or the activities, and smile all of the day.

- Wendy Blain, Principal Of Bendale Business Technical Institute, Toronto

Custom Urban

Today more than 80% of Canadians live in urban settings and diversity within our cities is on the rise.  For educators, civic leaders and community-based organizations our jobs have not only become increasingly complex, but when those we serve are faced with difficult transitions in life – whether it’s adjusting to high school, acclimatizing to a new life in Canada, defining one’s identity as an Aboriginal youth, earning high school credits in a less conventional setting, or otherwise – more and more Canadians are looking for support close to home.

That is why Outward Bound Canada introduced our Urban Program in 2010. With urban centres currently located both in Toronto and Vancouver, our Urban Programs serve youth and adults who need support or who may benefit from an adventurous experiential education right in their own backyards. They are designed to integrate Outward Bound’s well-developed methodology and educational philosophy with the values and objectives of our clients and partners. Through these programs, we are able to offer High School Credit options and address a wide range of needs and/or objectives. Outward Bound Canada develops Customized Urban Programs for the following groups:


  • High Schools & Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Community Agencies & Organizations
  • Aboriginal Communities
  • New Canadians
  • Corporate and Staff Teams (Professional Development)
toronto urban canoeing
toronto urban canoeing
toronto urban canoeing
cn tower toronto urban graphic
students paddling a canoe around Toronto Island on Lake Ontario


Outward Bound Canada is a non-profit, charitable organization and does receive funding that can be used to support groups in need, especially At-Risk-Youth, Aboriginal Communities, New Canadians, Women Survivors of Violence and Canadian Military Veterans.  If you think that your group may qualify for funding, please indicate your groups’ needs in the information provided to us.



Outward Bound Canada would be happy to discuss it with you.  We require a minimum group size of 8 or more participants to get started.  Otherwise, please submit the information below and we will follow up with you within one week to discuss your program further.

For more information on our group programs, please contact us at groups@www.outwardbound.ca

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